Digital Piano Giveaway

Last month we ran a “competition” to gift two pre-owned digital pianos to two nominees –– voted for by you. The intention was for people to nominate someone they felt was in desperate need of a piano, but not in any position to purchase one.


Heart-felt motivations we received were overwhelming! It’s evident that the need out there is staggering, but so is the huge enthusiasm, talent and sheer number of people who are involved in widening the reach of music across every community. We had hoped to wrap this up in the first week of March, but the fact is that this gift will have such a huge impact on someone’s life, we couldn’t rush the process.


It’s been so difficult to choose just two from the 125 nominations we received, therefore we decided to make another one of our digital pianos available for a third winner.


And finally, here are the winners we have selected:

Belhar High School

Belhar HS is a WCED Arts and Culture Focus School in the northern suburbs of Cape Town. The Hugo Lambrechts Music Centre started partnering with them in 2021 to present specialized instrumental tuition to those kids doing music as a subject for matric, as the school only has 1 music teacher and she cannot teach all the orchestral instruments. They only have 1 working piano at the school, used by the music teacher, so for external teachers to come assist with lessons, they don’t have access to a piano.

With the gift of the digital piano, itinerant instrumental teachers will have access to a piano, pupils doing piano will have access to an instrument to practise on at school, which will boost their progress, and the digital piano can also be used in the hall for concerts, accompaniment and exams to give them better performance experience.


Headmaster: Mr Adams

Music teacher: Miss de Jager


Belhar High School will be gifted the
Kawai CA-51

WhatsApp Image 2022-03-15 at 9.21.13 AM.jpeg

Ameerah Abrahams                                  

Ameerah was nominated by one of her school teachers. She has taken piano lessons for three years without a piano at home. She practises on a table top at home and is preparing to take a Trinity piano exam this year. Ameerah is a tenacious and incredibly diligent young musician. At times she visits her cousins to play on their piano.

White kawai.jpg

During the recent hard lockdown periods and travel restrictions, she had to make do with practising on the tabletop while she had online lessons. Her parents have indicated that purchasing a piano is not possible. She's bright, reads music well for her age and one would be surprised to hear that she is in this position since her piano technique is so good. Having a piano at home will enhance Ameerah's music

experience and we felt she would be an enthusiastic and suitable candidate for the additional piano we added to this giveaway.

Ameerah will be gifted the Kawai ES-6

Capricorn Primary School

Capricorn Primary School opened its gates in January 2008 and is a partnership between the Western Cape Education Department and the Vrygrond Community Development Trust. It now has 700 pupils from Grade R to Gr 7.

This state school offers remedial programmes, learning support, social worker support, music, art, therapy and a range of interventions that complements and enables what happens in the classroom. The school is located in one of the poorest communities in the Greater Muizenberg area and would welcome the gift of a piano for their music and therapy programmes. Their only upright piano is worn beyond repair and is completely untuneable, so this is a most welcome gift that will uplift their music therapy programs.


They do have a teacher who plays piano, but has had no advanced formal training, so they are also open to piano teachers coming in to teach interested learners at the school. We will be passing this on to our network of teachers to see if anyone is willing assist.

Headmaster: Mrs Siddieka Hassen


Capricorn primary School will be gifted the Yamaha Clavinova


Thank you to everyone who participated and went to the effort of completing the online form. 


We’ve decided that we need to do what we can to try to continue to provide some support beyond just this project, which was intended as a once-off.


We’re looking into ways that we can provide other digital pianos in the future, because they are so suitable to situations where maintenance costs are an ongoing issue, and they have the versatility to provide a whole range of use.