Paolo Fazioli and his small team make around one hundred pianos each year. Such limited production ensures that each instrument receives the highest level of care and attention from the start of its production until it finally leaves the factory.

Fazioli F156

length: 156 cm

width: 149 cm

weight: 295 kg

The smallest model of the FAZIOLI collection. Despite its small size, this piano has a remarkably powerful and clear sound. Suitable for smaller settings where the player does not wish to renounce to the sound and action of a high-quality grand piano.


Fazioli F183

length: 183 cm

width: 152 cm

weight: 340 kg

Baby grand. A mellow, rich and brilliant sound suited for the entire piano repertoire. With a fine balance between the bass and treble, this piano has a projecting tone, which exceeds its dimensions.


Fazioli F212

length: 212 cm

width: 153 cm

weight: 390 kg

Considered across the world as the classic size for performing and teaching, this piano is also suitable for medium concert halls. The excellent balance between the bass and treble and the wide dynamic range make this instrument particularly well suited for the recording studio.


Fazioli F228

length: 228 cm

width: 155 cm

weight: 415 kg

Semi-concert grand piano. Very similar to the concert grand (F278) in its action and dynamic features; a deep and powerful bass makes this piano excellent for medium-size concert halls. Only slightly smaller than a full concert grand, its tonal richness makes it an ideal instrument for chamber music.


Fazioli F278

length: 278 cm

width: 155 cm

weight: 590 kg

Concert grand. Exceptional power, magnificent balance between the bass and treble, extensive dynamic range and harmonic richness. A classic instrument for large concert halls and recording studios; suitable both for the solo repertoire and for performances with large orchestras.


Fazioli F308

length: 308 cm

width: 156 cm

weight: 690 kg

Concert grand. The absolute “jewel in the crown” designed for modern large-capacity concert halls and very big has immense power and extraordinary harmonic richness, owing to the increased string length in the bass section. It is endowed with a fourth pedal invented by Fazioli. Located to the left of the three traditional pedals, it reduces the hammer-blow distance THUS reducing the volume without modifying the timbre, at the same time facilitating the performance of glissandos, pianissimos, rapid passages and legatos.


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