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New Kawai grand pianos

There are three ranges of Kawai grand pianos:

Shigeru Kawai is the hand-crafted range which rank with other fine pianos such

as Fazioli and Steinway. They are also the core of Kawai’s Research and Development, and elements from these exclusive instruments are integrated in all of Kawai’s other models.

Kawai GX-series is the premium factory range, using high grade materials and tone design developed over Kawai’s 93-year history from when Koichi Kawai, the founder, was part of the first team to introduce the piano into Japan.


Kawai GL grands have a simplified cabinet design and interior finish to offer instruments that are especially cost effective. This aims at professionals, teachers, and Music Conservatories with the focus on the tone and touch.

All of these ranges use the Millennium III action, the most advanced mechanism in Kawai’s current production, with an extended key length and utilising carbon fibre in certain parts to increase power and control and reduce wear and tear as well as the effect of climatic fluctuations.

Hybrid (acoustic and digital) pianos

Most of Kawai's upright and grand pianos also available in a hybrid option. A hybrid is a fully acoustic piano, that can be switched to a fully digital interface without compromising the mechanical touch. There are two options with Kawai’s hybrid pianos, namely the ATX4 and the Aures (AR2). 

The ATX4 digital functionality can be used and listened to with headphones only.


The AR2 option can be listened to on headphones, however, it can also be played through the Soundboard Speaker System which uses Onkyo speaker design projected through the piano’s solid spruce soundboard, providing an exceptional analogue quality of sound. Any other music can also be played through the Soundboard Speaker, transforming the piano into a complete and very high-end audio system.

Payment options on new pianos:

We offer the following payment options on new instruments:

  1. Standard terms: 70% deposit, balance on arrival in SA and prior to delivery.

  2. Payment plans: up to 60% deposit (model dependent) and monthly payments over 6 to 12 months.


This is the range we carry as showroom models. The quality of design and construction makes them suitable for any purpose. Based on the tone and touch of these models customers may opt for the GX equivalent, with the more elegant cabinet, or if looking for a piano larger than 188 cm long, which is where the GL range ends.

The baby grand GL-10, which is 153 cm is an excellent choice where a small piano is appropriate, but the pianist’s expectation requires a serious musical instrument.


Kawai GL - 30

The GL-20 and GL-30 are the next sizes up in the series, and also have additional tone features, such as Duplex scaling. To support the larger soundboard and tension design the GL-20 and GL-30 have a stronger construction with an additional structural back post.

In other respects, the only difference comes from the size changes, with the GL-20 being 157 cm and the GL-30 166 cm. Traditionally, baby grands are pianos less than 160 cm, but these models are both relatively small and versatile in terms of the space they require.

Piano size is one of the primary elements affecting tone. It is not fundamentally about volume, although larger pianos have the capacity to project more if needed. For more information on the way size affects piano tone click here.

Kawai GL - 50

The GL-40 and GL-50 are the largest pianos in the GL series, with the GL-40 at 180 cm and the GL-50 at 188 cm. These qualify as mid-size grands and have the capacity to be used in larger spaces such as intimate recital venues or school performance spaces.

All the features on these models are the same. From a size point of view, the additional 8 cm in length of the GL-50 gives it a fuller sonority, especially in the bass register. With longer strings and a bigger soundboard, the GL-50 has more complexity and tonal colour. If space and budget allow, both the GL-40 and GL-50 offer real benefits in relation to price.


Although we only have one GX model on our showroom floor (GX-5) we handle many of these instruments, all the way up to the largest, the 229 cm GX-7, which is only one size down from a full concert grand. GX grands have an added elegance of cabinet design, interior finish and higher grade of key material used for the playing surface of the keys. They also have some tone features that provide a further level of expressiveness. These include differences in the bridge and outer rim design.

For anyone who wants to invest in a piano from 2 meters upwards in size, or the enhanced characteristics across all sizes of GX grands, the higher price translates into true musical benefits as well as superior value retention.

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