From pianos, toys are made...

In Kawai's attempt to contribute to a greener, healthier planet, they recycle the remaining wood from the production of pianos to produce high quality toy pianos and various other pre-school toys.

Using woods such as beech, these toys are durable and safe, giving children the opportunity to play with textures that one can only achieve with natural materials such as wood. Hard wood toys such as these are so durable that they can be passed down from generation to generation, not only making them fun but family heirlooms too.

Kawai was the first piano manufacturer to receive ISO 14001, the world's foremost certification for excellence in environmental management. This family owned piano company is one of the top three piano manufacturers in the world, and have continued their high quality of manufacture through to their toy pianos and toys.

Toy pianos:

Kawai toy pianos are musically correct and come in various sizes to suit different ages. Prices range from R450 to R1800.

Clear small piano (plastic)

Number of keys: 20


33cm (L) x 28cm (W) x 11cm (H)

Small red piano (plastic)

Number of keys: 25


37cm (L) x 35cm (W) x 12cm (H)

Small black piano (plastic)

Number of keys: 25


37cm (L) x 35cm (W) x 16cm (H)

Opening lid with prop stick 

Large red piano (wood)

Number of keys: 32


45cm (L) x 42cm (W) x 18cm (H)

Large wood piano (wood)

Number of keys: 32


45cm (L) x 43cm (W) x 21cm (H)

Opening lid with prop stick 

Large ebony piano (wood)

Number of keys: 32


45cm (L) x 43cm (W) x 21cm (H)

Opening lid with prop stick 

Pre-school toys:

Kawai pre-school toys are all wooden and use non toxic paints. These toys are not only wonderful gifts for children but are also ideal for daycares and schools. Price range from R320 to R1600.

Teddy Bear Xylophone

Beautiful wooden xylaphone with sticks that can be neatly tucked away. A nice introduction to music for toddlers and pre-schoolers.

Shape sorter

Lovely wooden box with shape holes and shape blocks. Perfect for improving pre-schoolers' fine motor skills.

Blocks set

Plain wooden blocks in wooden box for neat storage. Teach your child shapes, spatial relations and develop their fine motor skills.

Blocks trolley

Colourful blocks in a push trolley. Great for toddlers starting to walk and for pre-schoolers to take their blocks with them.

Truck with blocks

Wonderful toy for kids to sit on and push around while being able to store their blocks inside.

Wooden train set

For hours of fun let your child build and dismantle this lovely wooden train while learning spatial relations, shapes and developing their fine motor skills.

Kitchen set

Beautifully turned cups, plates and other kitchen utensils. Comes in a storage unit and has a tray for serving tea. Ideal toy for children who enjoy playing house and for a school with a play corner.

Wooden bike

Small wooden bike ideal for toddlers under 2 years old. Sturdy and comfortable. A great alternative to shop bought plastic bikes.

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