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Hire pianos

We have various hire piano options for customers, both long and short term. See options below:

Long term hire

We have a fleet of approximately 60 upright hire pianos living in customers' homes. The demand for hire pianos is high, so there may be a waiting period involved, depending on your requirements.

These pianos are made available for customers, typically, with kids starting lessons or where purchasing a piano is not immediately an option.  Our hire pianos are not available for sale.

Contact us for pricing here: 

Digital hire-to-buy:

We offer a hire-to-buy option on our Kawai ES-110 portable digital piano. This is an 88 key weighted digital piano, fully portable, with adjustable stand, bench and single pedal. We charge a hire fee for 3 months, at which point you will be given the option to return the piano, continue hiring (ownership remains ours) or up the payments slightly and pay the instrument off over an additional 12 months. There is no interested charged on this and the first 3 month hire fees go towards the cost of the piano.

Polyphony: 192 notes
Bluetooth MIDI / LINE OUT
Speakers: 12 cm x 2, Output Power: 7 W x 2
Output: 7W x 2
Recorder: 3 song, 1 track, 10,000 notes
Mechanism: Responsive Hammer Compact action

This is a fully portable digital piano with Bluetooth connectivity,

graded hammer weighting, and exceptional touch sensitivity. As

reflected in the independent reviews in the link below, this

instrument is very highly rated. It is suitable for children or adults

starting to play, or for advanced players where budget or

portability requirements make a compact digital with the focus on

piano tone and touch appropriate.

Summary of over twenty independent reviews of the ES110:


Contact us for pricing here: 

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Once-off event hire:

The piano we offer for events is typically used for weddings, concerts or private performances. We charge per event, with transport costs dependent on access, timing and area.

For prices and availability, contact us on 021 788 9389 /


Hire fees include delivery and collection (based on easy access), pre-delivery tuning & piano bench

Surcharges apply for the following:

  • Delivery and collection outside of office hours and days (Our hours of operation are Mon – Fri: 8.30am– 5pm)

  • Delivery and collection with difficult access (such as: tight turns, lawn, stairs, narrow pathways.

Digital grand event hire image.jpg
Digital grand:
Kawai ES7 custom fitted to a real grand piano casing

Used by Professional Pianists for events and performances. This digital option is a real acoustic grand piano casing that has had its frame and strings removed and custom fitted with a Kawai ES7 digital piano, which has excellent sound quality through its built in speakers and can also be linked to a PA or amplification system.

Inclusions and surcharges noted above apply
We do not currently offer acoustic grands for commercial hire.
For use of an acoustic grand, please contact for information on potential collaborations as detailed below. 


Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos (IBSP) works on a Partnership basis with certain artists and organisers where there is a good match for our brand and shared objectives. In such Partnerships IBSP supplies one our new showroom instruments at a substantially reduced cost in return for brand promotion and marketing opportunities.

The cost depends on our direct input costs and the degree of exposure and collaborative benefit we are offered.

There are substantial benefits for any performances that feature an excellent quality instrument that is well prepared. Over many years, the feedback from concerts we have been involved in made it clear that audiences are very aware that they are listening to an exceptional instrument of a level they may not have experienced before.

If we were to commercially hire pianos of this calibre, which we don’t because of their value, the hire fee would be in the region of R15,000 - R40,000 per event in order to justify the accumulating loss of value and the initial investment outlay for us. Understandably this is not feasible for many music events and therefore we do allow for a select number of collaborations per year and there is a savings benefit in this partnership route. Given the value and quality of the pianos we make available, we do need to be confident that organisers will genuinely meet the requirements of an agreement.

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