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Fazioli News

The Fazioli F212’s we’ve brought in so far have received rave reviews by the lucky local pianists and teachers who have tried them. Measuring 7ft or 212cm, the F212 is equivalent (in size only😊) to the Steinway Model B. According to Fazioli, the F212 is “considered across the world as the classic size for performing and teaching, this piano is also suitable for medium concert halls. The excellent balance between the bass and treble and the wide dynamic range make this instrument particularly well suited for the recording studio.”

The Fazioli bass range in particular has been singled out by local pianists as exhibiting amazing clarity, others refer to a striking purity of tone across the entire range. We continue to search for appropriate terminology to describe the piano tone, Ian refers to it as “golden”. We’ve also heard it mentioned that the piano is incredibly responsive to the wishes of the pianist, in that respect it is easy to play. Many other pianos require significant effort from the pianist to produce the desired sound. Perhaps we should limit the amount of time allowed on the Fazioli for fear of ruining the experience of playing on a “normal” piano.

Before Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos became the sole South African Fazioli agent and began importing their pianos, we were aware of a single F212 in the county which had been purchased privately roughly fifteen years ago. We are thrilled that this instrument is now on the market and has come onto our Johannesburg showroom floor. For anyone seriously considering owning a “classic” Fazioli, you have a truly singular opportunity to acquire a young pre-owned instrument in South Africa at a competitive price, lovingly serviced and voiced by Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos. Here are a few pictures of the pre-owned Fazioli.

In late March, Jill Richards performed a Kevin Volans programme alongside Waldo Alexander on the pre-owned Fazioli F212 in the Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos Johannesburg showroom. The response from musicians and audience members to the performance and the piano were unanimously positive.

In other concert related Fazioli news, on Saturday April 6th Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos sponsors a Fazioli F212 for the VOX Cape Town choir performance at the Norval Foundation in Steenberg Cape Town. Clinton Claasen will accompany the choir and perform a selection of solo Phillip Glass pieces as part of the programme. We wish VOX Cape Town and Clinton a memorable performance.

Some might be interested in how a Fazioli is shipped and delivered from its ancestral home in Sacile Italy to its new home in South Africa. Here’s a little video showing the un-crating process.


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