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Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos Now Offers Payment Plans

In this previous post we discussed the value of good quality pianos; how musically and financially it makes sense to invest wisely in an instrument that will hold its value and bring musical satisfaction to you and your family. Having said this the reality is that high quality pre-owned and new instruments are often financially unattainable by many aspirant piano owners and while they may agree in principle on the benefits of a quality instruments, the cost is prohibitive.

Historically if a customer’s budget couldn’t stretch to the instrument they desired, they either had to wait until such time as they could afford it or compromise and purchase a less expensive piano. This has been particularly true of institutions such as schools and universities, as well as some performance venues as they have set annual budgets and are often not able to allocate the appropriate funds in one lump sum.

We want local pianists to have a variety of choice when considering buying a piano, rather than being forced to select between very few brands. To that end we are working hard to represent and stock new well recognized quality piano brands that haven’t been available in South Africa for many years or at all. Introducing new instruments into the local music ecosystem has many positive effects; it allows those willing and able to purchase a new piano a wider range to select from, and it increases the health of the pre-owned market as the previously new instruments start to circulate. However, the fact remains that new pianos, especially European and American pianos, are often prohibitively expensive as a one-off purchase.

In recognition of the financial challenge posed by a piano purchase, Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos has now introduced payment plan options on certain new and pre-owned pianos. While we remain open to discussing the circumstances of each customer, our standard plans repayment plans run over six, twelve or eighteen months. We feel this will make a meaningful impact on our customers, many of whom have asked for this arrangement in the past.

South African piano dealers have offered few brand choices over the past thirty years. We would like to and are providing a greater selection to local musicians, while understanding the size of the market plays a role in how many brands are viable. Making the purchase process more manageable via payment plans and stocking a greater brand selection are two ways we are working hard to improve the state of the local piano landscape.

If you would like to discuss new or pre-owned pianos, please give us a call or drop in to our showrooms.


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