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Kawai Launches New Digital Pianos - CN29 and CN39

Earlier this year (2019) Kawai released upgrades to their incredibly popular mid-level digital pianos, namely the CN27 and CN37. The CN27 has been replaced by the CN29 and the CN37 replaced by the CN39. The excellent Kawai Global website provides in depth descriptions of every aspect of the new CN29 and CN39 if you would like further information after reading this article.

Kawai describe the CN series as “affordable digital pianos with authentic sounds and grade-weighted keys.” They occupy the mid-range of Kawai’s digital instruments, above the entry level CL, KDP and ES keyboards, and below the top end Concert Artist (CA) digital and Novus hybrid pianos. ­­­­­­The main difference between the CN range and the top end CA range is the design and construction materials of the piano action. The CN series uses a high quality plastic action and the CA series a premium wood action.

In terms of comparison between the two new CN models themselves, the main differences between the CN29 and CN39 relate to the number of instrument voices available, the recording capabilities and the speaker system. The two instruments feel the same to play and both offer an extremely authentic piano experience, but the CN39 offers additional features to the pianist. Specifically the CN39 offers more instrument voices, the ability to record more of your own playing, the ability to record directly to USB, and a larger speaker system. Scroll to the end of this article for a full description of the differences between the two models - we've highlighted the main differentiators between the two models in red.

Kawai’s focus when designing and building digital pianos is to create as realistic a piano experience as possible; in relation to touch and tone. Even more important than the sound it produces, the most critical thing to look for in a digital piano is the extent to which it feels like a genuine piano. This is important as the pianist will often play acoustic pianos in lessons or other learning or performing environments and will need a reasonable sense of continuity between their home digital piano and the real thing.

Kawai spend considerable time and energy designing keyboard actions that feel like real acoustic pianos. The reduced size of most digital pianos means there isn’t space for a full acoustic piano action. Kawai have designed the Responsive Hammer Action III in response; the digital piano action used in the new CN29 and CN39. This is considered one of, if not the, best action at this level of digital piano. Nord, maker of premium stage pianos, have recently switched to using the Kawai's RHIII action in their top end Nord Grand professional stage piano, an indication of the regard it is held in by the other piano manufacturers.

The CN27 and CN37, predecessors to the new models, were some of our bestselling digital pianos of the past few years. We expect the newly arrived models to be as appealing and we look forward to showing them to customers in both our Cape Town and Johannesburg showrooms.

The following video is the official CN39 promotion video, followed by the feature comparison between the CN29 anc CN39 mentioned above. If you would like to find out more, please give us a call or drop into one of our showrooms. Alternatively send us an email and we'll provide more information including pricing on these two new models.


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