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Petrof Piano Range Added to Website

We’ve updated the website with the full range of Petrof pianos available through Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos. Under the “Pianos” page you’ll see two new sections; a section listing the available Petrof grand pianos and one for the various Petrof upright pianos.

Petrof Upright Pianos

The Petrof upright pianos come in five sizes, ranging from 118cm through to 135cm. Within each size you have a selection of various cabinet designs and wood finishes. We have two lovely examples of different designs and wood finishes in our showrooms now, both mid-to-large 125cm upright pianos. The first is the 125 M1 design in a Walnut finish – Petrof describe the M1 design as “modern and minimalist”.

The second 125cm Petrof upright we have in the showroom is the 125 G1 in a gloss black finish. The G1 design is slightly more classic and ornate than the M1 pictured above, with additional decorative elements.

Click the “more info” links under each piano for further details of each design and to view the various cabinet finishes available.

Petrof Grand Pianos

Petrof grand pianos come in six sizes, from the 159cm Bora baby grand though to the 284cm Mistral concert grand. We have a beautiful example of the Petrof Storm 194cm grand piano on the showroom floor. The Storm is one of the most popular sizes of Petrof grand piano as it is small enough to fit comfortably into most homes but large enough to fill a small performance venue.


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