Video - Kawai RX-3 & RX-5 - Featured Pianos

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

This month (October 2019) we're lucky enough to have two young pre-owned RX Kawai grand pianos on our showroom floor with almost identical histories. Apart from a difference in size they were both sold new by Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos and have been owned and enjoyed by the same owners since then. We have maintained both pianos through their short lives and so can confidently offer them as exceptional quality instruments. The first, a 186cm Kawai RX-3 was sold new in 2008 and the second, a 200cm RX-5 was sold new in 2007.

Kawai describes the RX-3 model as follows: "The Kawai RX-3 Conservatory Grand was extremely popular in the piano teaching community since the day the RX Series line of grand pianos was first introduced in 1995. The RX Series, as a collection, was chosen "Acoustic Piano Line of the Year" by MMR Magazine's Dealers' Choice Awards in 3 consecutive years (2003, 2004 and 2005). After 18 years of success, the RX Series was succeeded by the GX BLAK Series in 2013."

Kawai describes the RX-5 model as follows: "The 6'6" RX-5 Chamber Grand was known for its statuesque presence and resonant power that could grace a recital hall, yet not overpower the more intimate musical ambiance of the home or studio. A member of the venerable RX Series line that was selected "Acoustic Piano Line of the Year" by MMR Magazine in 2003, 2004 and 2005, it was succeeded by the GX-5 BLAK in 2013."

Here's Ian to provide a bit of background on both pianos, followed by a few pictures of each. Please visit our Cape Town showroom to view and play these wonderful instruments.



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