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Piano Services

Looking for a piano can be difficult, given the potential range of instruments and prices. There is a lot of information available, but it is often contradictory. With 30 years of experience, we provide reliable information based on in depth technical and market knowledge, local and international.

Our pianos are selected and priced to meet four criteria:

  1. Meet customer expectations for their use of the piano.

  2. Represent good value for money.

  3. Offer value retention and allow for future options, whether upgrading or finding the piano is no longer needed.

  4. Provide long-term service and reliability.


All pianos that we supply have an extremely thorough pre-delivery service process carried out. Our after-sales then includes not only the standard tuning provided by all dealers but on site set up to customise the tone and touch as needed to the preference of the users and the acoustic of the space.

This is highly specialised work, of the same level that we carry out for new top-end recital and concert pianos such as Fazioli, Steinway and Shigeru Kawai. It makes a big difference in ensuring that your purchase meets your needs and expectations, and there is no additional cost to this service.

Piano Rebuilding
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Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos rebuild high-end upright and grand pianos. This may involve a combination of mechanical rebuilding, restringing and/or re-polishing the cabinet. Our rebuild technicians have attended Advanced Training at Steinway in Hamburg.


Our total rebuild count stands at 135 pianos (and counting), 91 of these are Steinways (77 grands). Every one of these pianos has been personally finished by Ian. Pianos are sent to us from all over the country for work and we provide an extensive warranty on all of our rebuilds.


You can read more about this HERE.

Tuning and Servicing

Our sales team technicians who deal with some of the best brands in the world (including Fazioli, Shigeru Kawai and Steinway) are available on a limited basis for tuning, over and above for our existing customers.

If you’ve been referred to us or have a quality instrument that you’d like tuned and assessed to ensure that’s its kept I excellent condition, please contact us.


If we are unable to help you for any reason, we will refer you to our contracted technicians with whom we’ve had a very long relationship.

Piano servicing
Cabient Re-finishing

We offer various re-finishing options - we specialise in the piano high-gloss finish, as well as traditional french-polishing. Our team are the most skilled in the country.

We only use quality products and the results speak for themselves.

Piano french polish
Piano cabinet refinishing
Long term digital hire or hire-to-buy

Hiring is an alternative to buying a piano which allows you to test needs and use before making a more long-term commitment. We offer a few hire options, including a “Hire-to-buy” on the ES-110 digital piano.


Some factors to have in mind if considering hiring are

  • Acoustic pianos for hire is something we no longer offer as they are quite small entry level instruments and tend to only be suitable for

  • getting started on but would be limiting as lessons progress. The digital options we offer are substantially better than any acoustic hire pianos on the market.

  • While we don’t have any limit on how long customers can hire for it’s not ideal to hire for a long period as the cost accrues and ultimately adds to what may later be spent purchasing a piano.

  • The “hire-to buy” option allows for a combination of the benefit of testing whether the process is going well and then having the initial hire costs invested in the purchase.

Piano Hire
Piano Transport

Pronto Movers are our designated piano transport company, we use only them for all our sale pianos and rebuilds.

They are specialist piano movers and are also available for general household moves.

Contact Tania 021 558 6172 or

whatsapp 079 602 7596 for a free quotation.

Piano moving
Teacher Network

Having been in this industry for over 30 years, we have a network of reliable piano teachers we can recommend.

Pop us an email, let us know what area you are in and we can send you a list of teachers close to you.

Piano teachers
Piano Accessories

From piano covers, benches & castor cups to humidity control systems, fall locks and string covers. If you need it we will either have it or can source it for you.

Piano bench
Piano Life Saver
Piano cover
Music Books

We are a collection point for Vivo Music customers and will soon be adding some of their collection to our showroom for customers to browse and buy.


In the mean time, customers can search and purchase music books and sheet music through their website:

Sheet music
Vivo Music
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