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Acoustic Piano Contribution

Earlier this year we gave away some digital pianos to nominees selected by our customers.

We had received 125 nominations, all with great motivations for needing a piano.


We decided to retire our acoustic hire stock as good, digital piano hire is on the rise as a stepping stone to purchasing, so we contacted a few of the nominees from before and they have all gladly accepted these donations.


Here are the recipients we have selected:

Tony Cedras.jpg
Bentley to donate.jpg

Tony Cedras

Tony is a South African Musician who has contributed immensely to music in SA. He is also well-known and well-regarded individual in the District Six community. He mentors young musicians and continues to do so, but has been struggling without a working piano.  

"Thank you Ian Burgess - Simpson Piano for your generosity. Within unexpected circumstances selflessness is treasured. 

We are bombarded with social, cultural and political  changes.  What is loosely referred to as transformation, requires a need to observe ones community. Take time to reflect upon the historical and present situations in your community. 

From Elsies River to different corners of the world my stories are captured within my compositions. It will be interpreted by the next generation in a way that speaks to time and space. This is what Artists do. 

Providing  opportunities for artistic expressions can be achieved anywhere.  Art and it's diverse disciplines are relevant, limitless and  timeless. 

Living in District Six, the conversations of Forced Removals requires processes towards a positive healing narrative within the Youth. It is within this time and space where sharing my musical experience with the Youth is priceless.


Much respect, Tony Cedras"

Masi Violin Outreach

This outreach program has been running for several years. The children have made wonderful progress and the top group have done some amazing gigs. Their venue is part of the Masi Corp site so it is local and secure.  The plan is to expand the  performing Arts program and a piano on site as you could well imagine would be an amazing addition to their resources. It would be used for accompaniment, theory application and as they expand, for tuition.

Rippen to donate.jpg

Lubi Dyasi

Screenshot 2022-10-10 112939.jpg
Zimmerman to donate.jpg

Lubi Dyasi is a teacher at Western Province Prep. He previously taught at Drakensberg Boys' Choir School before moving to the Cape. He is an accomplished pianist and organist, but he does not have a piano at home to use. This would be an amazing opportunity for him as it is sad that such a talented musician does not have access to an instrument at home. He has mention to the school HOD that he would love one many times, but a good instrument is just out of financial reach. 

Musiquelaine SA

Gors & Kallman to donate.jpg

Musiquelaine South Africa is an NPO Music Education project based in Steenberg. This project provides a free music education to pupils in both Steenberg High School and Floreat Primary School. In total 280 pupils benefit receiving a 12 yr music education from Primary School to tertiary music studies.  Musiquelaine S.A. has a strong partnership with Stellenbosch University enabling post matriculate pupils to further their music studies in the Satellite of the SU Music Certificate program held on the premises of Steenberg High School. To date the project has not had an adequate piano due to lack of funds.

IBSP Piano Upliftment Projct

As we come across pianos of a suitable quality to assist musicians or organisations, we will work through the list we currently have, however, more suggestions are always welcome. It's important to us that we build music in South Africa and we will do whatever is within our means achieve this.

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