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Petrof’s acoustic instruments stir the hearts of music lovers with their typically romantic, rounded and gentle tone. The company’s reputation has spread all over the world and they are proud to be able to continue the family tradition of piano building begun in 1864 by Antonín Petrof, the company founder.
Susan Petrof

"I am very excited to co-operate with our new dealer Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos as I believe that Petrof Pianos will captivate customers in South Africa, and we are grateful for the chance to expand on the African continent"

Susan Petrof - President

Petrof piano showroom

Petrof Upright Pianos

P 125 M1

The P 125 M1 also has its place in the Higher Series. This keyboard instrument is very elegant, modern and minimalistic. Customers like it chiefly for home and school instruction, for practising purposes, or for playing in a chamber orchestra.


Our master piano builders produce it in a whole range of finishes, the most popular being high-gloss black and white.

Petrof uprights undergo constant development and improvement, enabling them to meet the requirements of even the most discerning pianists. Petrof's master technicians and piano-makers, working carefully by hand, aim to create diversity of instrument type and a wide range of surface finishes.

Petrof Grand Pianos

P 194 Storm

The Storm is true to its name, being the piano with the greatest sound potential of the whole Standard Series. It imprints a deep emotional experience within the pianist, and in the hearts of the listeners, that often cannot be put into words.


The uniqueness of the moment will strike you as soon as you hear the first sounds coming from this the largest piano in the Standard Series. Its versatility builds bridges across musical genres. It is popular with a demanding clientele and colleges of music, as well as for musical performances at smaller halls and functions.

Petrof grand pianos represent the experience of renowned master pianomakers, whose manual work makes up 80% of the manufacturing process.

Their hands create instruments of world-class quality as well unique models in a diversity of artistic styles, in exact accordance with our customers’ wishes. 
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