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Bartolomeo Cristofori, an Italian instrument builder, invented and built the first pianos in the early 1700’s. Three hundred years later, another great Italian inventor and musical instrument builder, Paolo Fazioli, has re-invented the piano, introducing a new standard in the industry.

Fazioli and his team make around one hundred and twenty pianos each year. They only build grand pianos. Such limited production ensures that each instrument receives the highest level of care and attention from the start of its production until it finally leaves the factory. Such low production makes Fazioli the most hand-crafted piano on the market. ​Other high-end manufacturers build in much larger quantities; for example, Steinway manufacture about 3 400 pianos annually.

The design and building of Fazioli pianos include many innovations that have pushed forward the boundaries of piano technology. This is combined with the very best traditions of piano building and the use of the finest materials throughout the instrument. The soundboards, for example, are crafted using exclusively spruce from northern Italy's 'Val di Fiemme' forest, the wood that Antonio Stradivari selected for his famous violins.

This combination of long tradition and revolutionary design have positioned Fazioli at the highest level of the piano industry since they were launched at the Frankfurt Musikmesse in 1982.

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