Pre-owned pianos

Whether you are looking for a small upright for children learning or a bigger piano for yourself we have a variety of pre-owned pianos on offer. We try to keep the stock updated but as it changes often it is best to confirm if a piano is still available.

All our pianos are serviced or rebuilt and come with a 2 Year Warranty. We also gladly consider trading in your current piano.

Our prices include VAT, delivery within main cities, piano bench and after sales tuning.


Bernard Steiner upright

This is an entry level piano which has been in use as a hire piano. For its age it’s in reasonable condition and would take an entry level pianist through the early music grades up to about Grade 4. Manufactured in 1960,114cm tall.

Price: R10,000


Rogers Eunblut upright

This is an English piano manufactured by Kemble who were one of the best-known English piano companies. It’s in fair mechanical condition and has a good tone for its size. Suitable as an entry to mid-level piano. Manufactured in 1960, 114cm tall.

Price: R14,000


Knight upright

Knight are an interesting English brand, no longer in production. These pianos had some excellent and unique design features, especially the use of a single bridge for the tenor, middle and treble registers. They have a good sweet and singing sound, clear and bell like. Models such as this were manufactured especially for the South African market, using solid imbuia wood for the cabinet. This wood alone would cost a great deal now! Manufactured in 1953, 114cm tall.

Price: R18,000

Kawai K-200 upright 

Manufactured in 2017 in Japan, this piano was also sold new by us and we have maintained it. It is the first piano in the K-Hundred series, which is the premium range of Kawai uprights.

Price: R92,000


Knight upright

Knight used a “sound port” in the bottom panel which allows sound to come out more freely from the instrument and makes a big difference to the clarity and fullness of tone. These pianos are distinctive and becoming more popular again as a kind of retro style. This model has a ball and claw foot on the curved front leg.

Both these pianos would warrant further work as and if needed in the future but will also serve well in serviced condition for entry to mid-level players or family use. We can also offer an option with the cabinet fully re-finished with a Hand French Polish, which would create a really striking furniture piece. Manufactured in 1946, 110cm tall.

Price: R18,000

Petrof grand

Manufactured in 1994 in the Czech Republic, this piano has lived the idyllic life in the countryside. Now relocated to Cape Town, if is for sale at a very attractive price compared to it's new counterpart at R750,000.  Length: 194cm

Price: R340,000

Steinway Model O grand

Manufactured in 1925 in Germany and hand french polished by our team, this is the perfect opportunity to become a Steinway owner at a low price for the brand. Length: 180cm

Price: R360,000

Bosendorfer grand

Manufactured in 1985 in Austria, this is a wonderful piano that has been well cared for and perfect for the advanced pianist. 

Length: 170cm

Price: R510,000

Steinway Model O grand

This 1952 Steinway Model O has been fully and authentically rebuilt by our team, this is a great investment for anyone who aspires to be a Steinway & Sons owner.

Length: 180cm

Price: R540,000

Shigeru Kawai SK2 grand

We bought this particular piano in 2016 as our showroom model where it currently lives. It had been used for select performances and viewings only. A new SK2 sells for R750,000.

Length: 180cm

Price: R580,000

Fazioli F212 grand

Manufactured in Italy in 2004, this large grand is selling at a much lower price than it's new counterpart. On of only 4 Fazioli's in the country!

Length: 212cm

Price: R1,525,000

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