Pre-owned upright and grand pianos

Whether you are looking for a small upright for children learning or a bigger piano for yourself we have a variety of pre-owned pianos on offer. We try to keep the stock updated but as it changes often it is best to confirm if a piano is still available.

All our pianos are serviced or rebuilt and come with a 2 Year Warranty. We also gladly consider trading in your current piano.

Our prices include VAT, delivery within main cities, piano bench and after sales tuning.


Otto Bach upright (1969)

This Otto Bach was manufactured in Wellington in 1969. The piano has been fully serviced and comes with a matching bench. Suitable for beginner to intermediate level of play.

Height: 110cm

Price: R29,000


Feurich upright (1978)

This is an original German manufactured Feurich, which belonged to the mid to upper level of design and quality in the European market. Although it is a moderately sized piano, it has a strong and rich tone with the traditional European sound character of warmth and a singing treble. The piano has had moderate wear and tear in its life, been thoroughly serviced and prepared and has an unusual and attractive Oak cabinet in extremely good condition, with a matching bench.

Height: 114cm

Price: R48,000

Kawai K300 ex Hayton (2).jpg

Kawai K-300 upright (2015)

This piano was sold new by us in 2015 and maintained by us since then. A great price for one of Kawai’s most popular upright models with an advanced mechanism and still in immaculate condition.

Height: 122cm

Price: R115,000

Bechstein grand, ex Litty (4).jpg

C. Bechstein L grand (1925)

Bechstein is one of the great iconic brands manufactured in Germany. It is ranked with Steinway, Fazioli, Blüthner and Bosendorfer. This piano was bought from us with a full authentic rebuild approximately 8 years ago. The hammers, strings, pins, etc. are therefore still quite new with little wear and the piano is available at quite an attractive price.

Length: 167cm

Price: R205,000

Yamaha G2 ex Bester (2).jpg

Yamaha G2 (1968)

This piano was manufactured in a period that many people consider to be the best stage of Yamaha’s development. The scale of production was smaller than it is today and the pianos received more detailed attention. Given its age, this piano has maintained a very good general tone quality and range. Although it has had use over its lifetime, this has been moderate, therefore the wear and tear on the mechanism is not excessive. The piano has been thoroughly serviced. We have also french polished over the original finish, which has restored to the piano to a warm, rich light brown finish. This piano is suitable for use up to an advanced level, if constraint of size or budget is a factor. NOT YET READY FOR VIEWING.

Length: 1cm

Price: R180,000

Kawai GL-10 grand piano

Kawai GL-10 (2019)

The GL-10 baby grand represents exceptional value for money. At its price and quality level I would rate it as the best baby grand on the market, and significantly superior to other brands at this level. Small grand pianos are the most difficult pianos to build convincingly and Kawai excel in this area of expertise. We have experience with the GL-10 in a number of performance spaces where space dictated the need for a baby grand, and the response from pianists and audiences has been extremely positive.

Length: 153cm

Price: R220,000


Kawai GL-30 showroom model (2019)

This is an extremely young piano at just over 2 years old. This is two sizes up from the GL-10 baby grand. At the size of 166 cm, and including Duplex scaling, this is a mid-size grand with a tone range suitable for advanced playing, versatile use as a family piano, teaching or even as a small performance piano.

Length: 166cm

Price: R350,000


Kawai GL-50 showroom model (2016)

This piano is still in showroom condition and has been kept at it’s peak for viewings. This is a medium size grand with similar tone design to the GL-30 but with the larger dynamic range and expressiveness that comes from the longer strings and larger soundboard area. It offers all of the characteristics to satisfy advanced playing or performance in a moderate size venue. The larger size also creates elegant proportions that make it very aesthetically pleasing.

Length: 188cm

Price: R440,000

Bosendorfer (1).jpg

Bösendorfer (1974)

Bösendorfer is one of the great iconic brands and falls into the category of fine, hand-built pianos. It is ranked with Steinway, Fazioli, Blüthner and Bechstein. Relatively young Bösendorfers are quite rare in South Africa. This piano was bought new by a professional musician who has owned it until now. Approximately 5 years ago it had a hammer replacement with authentic parts and we have done further comprehensive servicing to bring the piano back into an excellent condition. It is now a very good representative of Bösendorfers distinctive tone and touch.

Length: 170cm

Price: R450,000

Steinway Model O grand (1952)

This 1952 Steinway Model O has been fully and authentically rebuilt by our team, this is a great investment for anyone who aspires to be a Steinway & Sons owner.

Length: 180cm

Price: R540,000