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We have been handling the new generation of Kawai pianos in South Africa for 19 years.  In that time, Kawai have become the instruments with the highest sales in the country, ahead of all other brands, including Yamaha. 

It is for good reason Kawai pianos are considered among the best affordable quality instruments available. Kawai used to build a range of instruments, but they now solely focus on building pianos. This single mindedness of purpose translates into truly wonderful instruments. 

​These are some of the customers who have chosen Kawai over other brands:

  • Jill Richards, Steinway Artist and Concert Pianist

  • Christopher Duigan, Steinway Artist and Concert Pianist

  • Professor Francois Du Toit, Concert Pianist

  • Dr Franklin Larey, Concert Pianist

  • Jason Reolon, Jazz Pianist, Composer

  • Catherine Foxcroft. Concert Pianist

  • South African College of Music at UCT, Cape Town

  • UCT School of Dance

  • Rhodes University, Grahamstown

  • University of Pretoria

  • St Andrew’s College, Grahamstown

  • Bishops College and Preparatory School, Cape Town

  • Herschel Girls Senior School, Cape Town

  • St Cyprian’s School, Cape Town

  • Westerford High School, Cape Town

  • Grey College, Bloemfontein

  • St. John’s College, Johannesburg

The fact that such discerning customers have made Kawai their brand of choice testifies to the quality of these instruments, and our confidence in recommending Kawai instruments as the best in all their price classes.

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