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Terms & conditions

The Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos online shop can be accessed at (“the site”). The site enables buyers to shop for musical instruments by selected local and international brands (“the products”) online and have them delivered door-to-door within South Africa. All visitors to the site (“users” or “you”) will be able to see the products on offer.


Legally binding contract

All users, including those that buy from the site (“buyers”) are bound by these terms and conditions (“Ts & Cs”). By using the site at all, you recognise that you’ve read and accepted these terms and conditions.

Should there be any clause in these T&Cs that you do not understand, the onus is on you to ask Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos to please explain the relevant clause to you before you accept the T&Cs by using or buying from the site.


With whom are you entering into a contract?

The site is owned and run by Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos (Pty) Ltd, registration number 2012/108116/07, a company incorporated in the Republic of South Africa (herein after referred to as Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos. More information about Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos is available at the end of these terms and conditions.


Products and availability

Please note that the stock of all items on offer is limited. Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos work on an order basis for new pianos. The instruments in the showroom and video recordings online allow you to experience a good variety of options and decide what will suit your needs best. We then order that model for you. Lead-times vary depending on models and availability but are generally around 12 – 16 weeks. The current lead time for Fazioli is 18 months from order. These are described in more detail in Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos’ Delivery and Returns Policy. Please note, the Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos Delivery and Returns policy is incorporated by reference and therefore forms part of these T&Cs.


Buying products

  1. The site allows you, the user, to place electronic orders (“order”) for one or more products on order as long as such products are available with our international suppliers.

  2. Pre-owned pianos are available off our showroom floor, however we will need time to prepare these for delivery. This lead time varies depending on the level of instrument and can be between 2 – 4 weeks. The lead time will be advised when the invoice is sent to you.

  3. A purchasing contract (“sale”) between you and Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos only comes into effect once you have fully completed and submitted the online order form for one or more products in your basket (“shopping cart”) AND your payment has been authorised by Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos (or has been received into Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos’ bank account).

Products on Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos website cannot be reserved to be bought at a later stage, and placing an item in your basket without completing the order does not amount to a sale or an order. This means that Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos may remove any item from your basket before the sale actually takes place in the event of the product going out of stock.

Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos cannot be held responsible if an order has become unavailable by the time you try to complete a purchase at a later stage. The invoice for your purchase will be emailed to you once Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos has received your invoice details and the shipping lead time has been confirmed by our supplier (Kawai, Petrof or Fazioli).


Cancelling and ending orders

Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos reserves the right to refuse processing of payment for any order and/or to cancel any purchase, partially or completely, with notice given to you. Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos will be liable for reimbursing you the rand value paid only if you have already paid for the cancelled order and the order has not been confirmed with our international supplier (Kawai, Petrof or Fazioli). You have the right to return item(s) purchased (see Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos’ Delivery and Returns Policy for more information).



Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos reserves the right, in the interest of preventing fraud, to refuse the processing of payment for any order and/or to cancel any purchase, partially or completely.

Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos may request documentation to complete the necessary fraud checks and cancel any order where the necessary documentation is not provided in a timely manner.

In the event of a fraudulent purchase being placed on Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos, cardholders will be advised to initiate a chargeback via their bank in order to be refunded. Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos does not process refunds for orders suspected of fraud. Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos does not provide order details relating to orders suspected of fraud.


Product Pricing

The price of each product is given in the product information.

The Purchase Price

The Purchase Price (“Price”) is the standard price that Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos charges for the product. The Price is determined by considering the suppliers’ price, international shipping costs and market conditions.

The Price is what you will pay when you purchase the product (“purchase price”).

The Discount Price

When Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos is having a sale or is running a discount centric promotion on specific products on the site – the discount price is shown on the product’s product page.

When a discount price is shown on the product page, the discount price is the price you will pay when you add the product to your cart and the sale is concluded.

Pricing accuracy

1. Every reasonable effort will be made to ensure that the Price and, if applicable, the Discount Price of all products on Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos’ website are correct at the time of your purchase. If, however, the product is offered at an erroneous price, Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos will not be obliged to supply the said product at the incorrect price.

2. Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos will only be liable to return payment already made by you in the case you choose to cancel the sale once you have been made aware of the correct price.


Delivery fees

  1. Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos’ pricing includes local delivery with straight forward access.

  2. Surcharges may apply for delivery outside of a 30km radius of our premises in Westlake, Cape Town. The fee will be discussed once the order form has been complete on the site and prior to invoicing.

  3. Surcharges may apply for difficult access, including 4 stairs or more or tight turns. The fee will be discussed once the order form has been complete on the site and prior to invoicing.

  4. Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos does not cover the cost of removal of any existing instrument or furniture to be replaced with a piano purchased from us.

  5. Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos does not delivery to PO Boxes.

  6. Delivery lead times vary depending on the item you are purchasing and the availability from the supplier at the time of purchase.


Making a payment

Paying by credit card

1. Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos accepts payments made by Visa and MasterCards, as well as chipped debit cards that have been activated for online purchases, and Electronic Funds Transfer (“EFT”).

2. When you place an order, and invoice will be emailed to you. If your preferred payment is my credit card, we will send you a YOCO payment link to process your transaction.

3. You guarantee that you are fully authorised to use the credit card for payment of your order and that there are sufficient funds in this credit card account to cover the costs of any transactions you complete via Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos.

Paying by EFT

1. Please note, EFT is our preferred method of payment for orders for ease of tracking.

2. When making your payment, please be sure to use your surname and invoice number as your reference. This will ensure that Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos can process your payment as quickly as possible.

3. Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos will start processing your order as soon as your bank forwards the payment to Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos. Depending on the bank it can take up to 3 days.

4. The delivery lead time’s vary according to the brand and model you order. The lead time will be confirmed when the invoice is sent, before payment is required.


Place of delivery

1. Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos delivers within business hours in the Republic of South Africa as well as selected countries.

2. As buyer, you indicate where in South Africa or the country you require delivery is, as well as contact numbers to be used in connection with delivery.

3. In the case of door-to-door delivery, your parcel will be delivered to the address you specified in the order process.

4. In the case of door-to-door delivery, if nobody is present at the address at the time of delivery, our movers will use the mobile phone number you provided in your order to indicate that there was an attempted delivery. Costs for further attempts will be charged for.


Corporate information

The Electronic Communication and Transactions Act determines that when goods or services are provided via certain electronic transactions, the seller must make certain information public on the site where the goods or services are offered.

Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos’ information is as follows:
Name: Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos (Pty) Ltd
Company Reg. No.: 2012/108116/07

Legal Notice Address:
19 Stibitz Street, Westlake, Cape Town, 7945

VAT no: 4060255694

Director: Ian Burgess-Simpson

Official email address:

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