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The benefits of investing in a good piano

Ian would estimate that seventy percent of the pianos assessed, serviced, tuned or rebuilt in his thirty-year career are not fit for purpose. The reasons vary and include the age of the piano, its original build quality and subsequent deterioration and the quality of source materials. The piano may be structurally sound, but its quality doesn’t match the needs of the pianist or venue. This means that thousands of people are learning on and playing instruments which at best don’t suit them and at worst produce mediocre sound.

So why invest in a good quality piano? Most importantly; you, your children, your audience, and anyone else listening to or playing your piano will derive greater joy and musical satisfaction from a quality well maintained instrument. Beginner pianists, particularly children, will associate their ability with the instrument’s condition and capacity, which means the pianist will assume their ability is lacking when playing a piano incapable of producing decent sound. The worst possible scenario is for a young pianist to unduly blame themselves, feel they aren’t musical enough and question their piano playing. If piano teachers and parents are genuinely interested in fostering a love of playing in music students, a decent piano is a must. To use a sporting analogy, you wouldn’t send your child onto the sports field with an antique bat or with the incorrect shoes for their chosen sport. Similarly, it’s important to invest in an appropriate piano which is fit for purpose and gives the learner the best chance of success.

Another reason for investing in a quality piano is the return on investment and the safety of that investment. Pianos last generations and often appreciate over time, if the piano is of sufficiently high quality. Music schools are bursting with students as music studies increase in popularity, international piano manufacturing is booming with a many quality brands going from strength to strength, and digital and acoustic cross over hybrid pianos are pushing the boundaries of what is possible. All in all, the new piano market is in great shape and the value of quality pre-owned instruments remains strong. In these uncertain economic times, investing in a piano is not only an investment in your well-being, it is also a sound financial investment.

Quality pianos have never been more accessible or affordable, at Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos we are thrilled to represent four quality brands; Fazioli, Shigeru Kawai, Petrof and Kawai. Each of these brands represents incredibly high quality and will meet your musical and investment objectives. You, your family, your school, or your performance venue deserve a top-quality instrument and we would love to help you select one.


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