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Fazioli Special Finishes & Designs

Fazioli Special Finishes & Designs

Note: price on request. Availability: Orders can be placed for mid-end 2024 shipping.


Thanks to the combination of traditional methods and cutting-edge technology, FAZIOLI is able to apply any aesthetic variation to the piano, according to the client’s specific request or original project.
The technical files present on this website represent only a selection of the many special “Art Case” creations built so far.

Custom modifications can be applied to three different areas:

  • The shape - Modifications of the external shape of the instrument, including legs, pedals and music stand, can resort to different styles: classic, traditional, modern and avant-garde.
  • The surfaces - In place of the traditional black high-gloss or satin polyester finish, it is possible to request any other colour. The surfaces can be veneered with different types of woods. Many varieties of the same veneer are available, right until the precious “briers” obtained from the root of the tree. There is a wide choice of “briers”, some of which are extremely rare.All veneered surfaces can be finished with either a high-gloss or a satin polyester or with other transparent finishes that reveal the natural porosity of the wood, or with ancient, exquisitely manual buffer methods.
  • The decoration - One of the main features of the Fazioli “Art Case” pianos is represented by the stunning inlays in various types of wood, mother-of-pearl, semiprecious stones, metal or previously sculpted decorating elements. It is also possible to prepare neutral surfaces ready to be decorated or hand-painted.

* Any modification of the casework does not compromise in any way the acoustic characteristics of the instrument.

As a Fazioli dealer for South Africa, we are happy to accommodate any customised requests. 


    R8 000 000,00Price
    Orders can be placed for early 2025
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