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Kawai CN-301 digital piano

Kawai CN-301 digital piano

This is the higher level of the mid-range digitals. With a higher polyphony and additional speaker capacity it allows for advanced playing with more tone complexity. There are a large number of additional instruments; for players mainly interested in piano sound, this extends to a larger number of sampled pianos to give more variety of choice.



Weighted (graded), 88 notes

Polyphony: 256 notes

Bluetooth MIDI / USB to Host / USB to Device

Speakers: 13 cm x 2 (Onkyo low-mid range speakers)

(8 x 12 cm) x 2 (Onkyo mid-high range speakers)

Recorder: 10 song, 2 tracks, 90,000 notes

Mechanism: Responsive Hammer III

    R57 000,00Price
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