The Company

Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos sell new and pre-owned pianos, both acoustic and digital. 

The company was started by Ian in 1997 as a one-person operation and became the largest

piano company in South Africa, built on the specialisation of Steinway rebuilding, especially

concert instruments. With this background as the foundation of the business and a thorough

knowledge of the piano marked, both nationally and internationally, the company is uniquely

positioned to support the pianos we sell and to guide customers to an informed and optimum

choice when buying a piano.

Ian continues to be fully involved in the preparation and support of our sale pianos. He has trained all of the staff and is responsible for quality standards. 

The company handles a high level of concert work nationally, for institutions and Professional Pianists, including all four of South Africa's Steinway Artists. Institutions include Bishops, SACS, St Cyprians, Westerford, Herschel, the South African College of Music, Hugo Lambrechts Music School, Cape Town Phiharmonic Orchestra and the Baxter Concert Hall.


19 Stibitz Street, Westlake - Cape Town - 021 788 9389

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