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Fazioli Partnership with the Norval Foundation

Fazioli F212 at Norval Foundation's VOX Cape Town Concert

Ian Burgess-Simpson pianos has supplied various pianos to the Norval foundation since the inception of its concert series. This culminated in sponsoring the recent Norval VOX Cape Town concert for which we provided a Fazioli F212 piano. Listening to the Fazioli in the Norval space and receiving such overwhelmingly positive feedback to the pairing of venue, instrument and performers prompted us to propose a formal partnership in which IBSP will provide the same Fazioli performance instrument for the remainder of the 2019 Norval concerts which feature a piano.

The remaining 2019 concerts which will feature the Fazioli F212 are:

  • 2 June Megan-Geoffrey Prins (Standard Bank young artist 2019 - Classical Piano)

  • 16 June Mandla Mlangeni (Standard Bank young artist)

  • 19 September – "Why should I hesitate? Concert"- William Kentridge and Kyle Shepherd (Standard Bank young artist)

  • 3 NovemberShane Cooper's MABUTA (Standard Bank young artist)

We consider Fazioli pianos works of art in their own right and subsequently feel that the Norval foundation space which promotes appreciation for art perfectly suits the piano. The Norval Foundation’s general philosophy around promotion of art and culture also perfectly matches how we aim to support the arts in South Africa and we feel proud to play our small part. Aside from the aesthetic beauty of Fazioli pianos, the beauty of sound is paramount and we are excited to expose new artists and audiences to these instruments.

If you are interested in attending any of the concerts listed above please contact the Norval Foundation directly at


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