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Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos Awards Cape Town Eisteddfod 2019 Prizes

We have been lucky enough to sponsor the Cape Town Eisteddfod for close to a decade, providing performance pianos and award sponsorship to top performing participants. 2019 was no exception and we provided two pianos for the duration of the Eisteddfod as well as sponsoring six prizes. Five prizes were awarded in the contemporary piano section and one to an outstanding student in the improvisation section. The following entrants were awarded the Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos prize in the contemporary music category:

  • 10yrs & Under – Thomas Hoffmann and Daniel Bursey (tie)

  • 12yrs & Under – Diya Rajoo

  • 16yrs & Under – Nina Lewis

  • 18yrs & Under – Fynn Young

As well as a cup, certificate and R400 cash prize, we decided to add another element to the prize this year. We’ve offered each prize winner a dedicated slot to come and play on the amazing grand pianos we have in our Cape Town showroom; either simply to enjoy playing top quality instruments or to invite some friends and family and give a short recital. We hope further exposure to wonderful pianos will inspire these up and coming performers.

Ian awarded each prize in person and sadly we don’t have a picture of him with the prize winners, although we do have a picture of the prize winners themselves - see below. We wish to congratulate all entrants and the top performers in particular.

Well done to the prize winners in the contemporary music category

We sincerely hope organisations and events such as the CT Eisteddfod continue to remain popular, well supported and well-funded as a way of inspiring young talent and supporting the wonderful work of the local music teaching community.

Visit the CT Eisteddfod Facebook page to view more picture of the prize giving ceremony


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