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Fazioli F308 Concert Grand

Fazioli F308 Concert Grand

Price: R3, 950 000

Orders can be placed for early 2025.


The absolute “jewel in the crown” designed for modern large-capacity concert halls and very big has immense power and extraordinary harmonic richness, owing to the increased string length in the bass section. It is endowed with a fourth pedal invented by Fazioli. Located to the left of the three traditional pedals, it reduces the hammer-blow distance THUS reducing the volume without modifying the timbre, at the same time facilitating the performance of glissandos, pianissimos, rapid passages and legatos.

  • Availability

    This Piano will be available in 2024.

  • Specs

    Length: 308 cm

  • Order

    To pre-order this Piano, contact us via email at or alternatively, complete an order form here

R4 500 000,00Price
Orders can be placed for early 2025
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