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Upright Pianos

Kawai have an unusual approach compared to many manufacturers of upright pianos. It’s common to have an “entry level” group of pianos that differ substantially from those  in the next levels. Such “entry level” pianos are produced as very basic instruments with the focus on competing by price, often with a substantial compromise on quality.

By contrast, every model Kawai produce we can recommend with confidence even if the buyer’s expectations are high. This includes music teachers, professional musicians, parents with children seriously studying music or school music departments.

Kawai achieve cost efficiency and competitive pricing through simplifying cabinet design and interior finish, and by some differentiation of materials. However, even their lower cost pianos can meet the most important needs of a discerning pianist, such as reliable control and a good range of tone colour.

As one progresses through the range, each model has a greater capacity of expressiveness. This comes from increased size and/or higher-grade materials and superior mechanical and tone design.

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